The Iberdrola Group supports all initiatives that encourage the development of market mechanisms and transparency of information to facilitate competition in energy markets. The EU regulation regards the integrity and transparency of the wholesale energy markets (REMIT) and it requires to all generators to inform to the public in as much detail as possible and as quickly as possible about the current status of electricity production and about any problems at the power stations that could lead to lower performance or even plant outages.

Iberdrola, as the leader of the energy sector, works to provide the corresponding information, making sure that comprehensive information is made available, in compliance with the integration and transparency criteria set forth by the REMIT. Likewise, this information is reviewed and updated by the company, in compliance with the current laws.

Iberdrola makes all efforts to disclose this information as accurately as possible in this web page. This information is subject to revision and could be updated by Iberdrola in recognition of its obligation to comply with the valid legislation.


Information about generation units owned by Iberdrola Renovables Energía, S.A. (Unipersonal), which boasts an installed power capacity of at least 100 MW.

Power Stations Installed Capacity [PDF]


The following link provides the planned and ongoing outages of at least 100 MW generation units because of the effect that it could have on the prices formation in the electricity markets.

Planned and ongoing outages [PDF]

More information about REMIT at the Iberdrola group - Market integrity and transparency